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Land trusts

Land trusts
Land trusts are voluntary, non-profit organizations that are focused on nature and monument protection.
Land trusts take care of the properties they possess or they perform their activities in cooperation with the owners of the properties, through contracts or agreements. Regular and long-term care for the land or buildings is very important.

Land Trust is not a separate legal entity in our legal concept, but it functions as one of the activities of a nonprofit organisation either within or outside the Czech Union for Nature Conservation.

The history and the present of land trusts in the Czech Republic
The modern history of land trusts in the Czech Republic started in the nineties of the 20th century, when, inspired by similar movement in Western contries, the tradition kept in the pre-communist era was restored.

Until now the land trust movement has evolved and stabilized. At present it exchanges experience with foreign organizations and it is ready to transfer information to the interested organizations.
Czech Union for Nature Conservation covers and coordinates movement of land trusts in the Czech Republic, it plays role of the National Land Trust.
The Council of National Land Trust gives land trusts the accreditation for their prestige and guarantees.
Now there are around 60 land trusts throughout the Czech Republic. You can see maps, list and more details about land trusts at: http://www.csop.cz/psfront

Would you like to know more about land trust motion in the Czech Republic? Do you want to cooperate or to exchange experience about land trusts? Please contact: mailto@csop.cz


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