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Strengthening professionalism of land trusts

The land trusts are an effective tool of voluntary nature conservation, time-proven in many countries. Their added value compared to "conventional" methods of nature conservation is close cooperation with landowners and legal relations to properties. The land trust movement in Czech republic has developed since the mid 1990s, now they are about 60 NGOs involved in it.

Many of them, however, work on a volunteer basis. For their development and efficiency is necessary many of specialized information (legal, economic, biological etc.). This knowledge must be permanently updated, eg. in the field of law, which now has been a lot of changes.The aim of this project is to increase land trusts´ professional knowledge and skills, thereby the efficiency of the care of natural heritage, as well as the involvement of local communities and owners to this care. The role of partner organization from Norway is especially in mutual exchanging knowlege and information and methodological consultation.


Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants. www.eeagrants.org

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