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Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP)

ČSOP is a civic association of people who share an active interest in nature conservation and the environment. Our mission is to protect and restore nature, the landscape and the environment, to promote environmental education and support sustainable living.

The range of our activities is very broad. Among others, we manage valuable natural sites, carry out biological field research and surveys, we strive to preserve the richness of plant and animal life in the Czech Republic, we work with children and youth as well as with the general public, we provide care for injured or otherwise handicapped wildlife, participate in administrative decision-making processes, and cooperate in the preservation of cultural heritage.

The Union has existed since 1979 and its members come from the ranks of professional naturalists, experienced volunteers as well as pure enthusiasts who simply love nature. In around 350 local chapters all over the Czech Republic there are almost 7 thousand adult members and over 2 thousand children organized in groups of Young Environmentalists. ČSOP also registers hundreds of individual members.

ČSOP is a member of IUCN and is a founding member of the UNEP Czech National Committee.




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