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Children and youth programs

csop-en-deti1-ilust.jpgSystematic work with children and youth is an important part of ČSOP activities. Over 1,300 members below the age of 18 are active in almost 60 groups of Young Environmentalists. These groups organize in cooperation with local chapters of ČSOP activities focused on learning about nature and nature conservation. Young Environmentalist groups operate in all regions of the country. They meet regularly, go on educational nature and sightseeing trips, help with animal surveys, take part in voluntary management fieldwork, organize summer camps, public events etc. The leaders of the Young Environmentalists are volunteers working with the children in their free time.

csop-en-deti2-ilust.jpgRegistration, promotion, methodological and financial support of work with children and youth is provided by the ČSOP Association of Young Environmentalists. The Association is active on the national level and offers individual groups a range of different activities to participate in. Among others, these include national contests Green Trail - Golden Leaf or Environmental Olympics organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, photo competition Views of Nature co-organized by the Forests of the Czech Republic enterprise, or the year-round contest Silver Thread. The Association also publishes a methodological bulletin and materials focused on work with children and on environmental education.

csop-en-deti3-ilust.jpgThe Association organizes regular courses for Young Environmentalist leaders as a part of a comprehensive Leader Qualification system. The topics include safety, first aid and health care, methodology of year-round and camp-based work with children, basics of pedagogy and psychology, and essentials of accounting and organization-related legal issues. Other specialized courses and opportunities for exchange of experience are also offered.

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