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Environmental education

csop-en-vychova-ilust.jpgEnvironmental education serves as a means to explain our work to the general public, and to inform it about the state of nature and the environment. ČSOP Eco-centers, established by local chapters and their associations, provide an important channel for communicating with the public. The wide range of activities organized by these centers includes work with schools, public events, contests and excursions, editing and publishing work, eco-counseling, and cooperation with state administration and local communities. The centers earn accreditation in four areas according to their focus: public education, teaching, general education and counseling.

Living Garden

The aim of the Living Garden project is to address garden owners and stimulate their interest in various animal species living (or potentially living) in their gardens, on their property or around their homes. Through the program we hope to motivate the interested public to adapt their gardens to the needs of wildlife. This contest has been joined by many individuals and schools reporting from a total of 1100 gardens.

Clean Up the World

ČSOP has been coordinating the Czech campaign of Clean Up the World since its inception.


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