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Project Objectives

Project objectives


The proposed project has several levels. The primary objective is to help stop the fragmentation of wetland and xerothermic (subxerothermic) biotopes. For this purpose, practical measures to keep or restore the biological valueat fifty selected locations are implementedand further detailed information on these sites and biotopes in order to establish the optimal management of sites in the longer term are collected. The secondary objective is to introduce the issue of conservation and threats to wetland and steppebiotopes to the public. As mentioned above, the public support is crucial in order to protect such sites, otherwise the conservation efforts of these communities are left to a narrow circle of enthusiasts. The last but certainly not least objective of this project is to exchange experience and knowledge about wetland and steppe management among non-profit organizations and between the non-profit organizations, state administration and the landowners.

The exchange of experience also involves the partnering Norwegian non-profit organization Naturverbundeti Buskerud.


Expected benefits


  • Ensuring care forselected Sites of Community Importance (SCI), specially protected areas and unprotected scientifically valuable sites managed by land trusts;
  • Restoring dry grassland and wetland biotopes;
  • Promoting and increasing heterogeneity (diversity) of habitats and ecosystems on the sites;
  • Supporting and increasing the number of species (biodiversity) by saving ecosystems and creating suitable conditions for their further existence;
  • Disposal of non-indigenous and invasive species populations of plants and animals;
  • Setting the optimal management for future,based on up-to-datedetailed data about the sites;
  • Motivating the general public to take visitsto the sites in order to change the perception of the importance of these biotopes;
  • Exchangeof practical information and experience about the care for wetland and xerothermic (subxerothermic) sites among all stakeholders;
  • Strengthening the role of non-profit organizations in nature conservation

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